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Church visits extend classroom knowledge

Pupils sit in pews in a church during a Religious Studies trip to Manchester

Fourth Year GCSE Religious Studies pupils visited a number of churches in Greater Manchester to extend their classroom knowledge.

First stop was Manchester’s St Mary’s RC Church, known as the Hidden Gem.

This church is tucked away off Deansgate but is busy with people praying throughout the day.

Pupils learnt about the different elements of Roman Catholic worship and saw the striking Norman Adams paintings.

The students then hopped over the border into Salford to Audacious, which is a vibrant Pentecostal church.

Pupils were welcomed by Jehoachim, who had visited school the week before, and received a presentation about the church.

They then had an opportunity to ask questions.

After a bite of lunch, the Fourth Years joined the Holy Communion at Manchester Cathedral where they had the option to observe or take part.

Following this they took time to wander around the beautiful building and listen to the organ.

Last stop of the day was Timothy Schmalz’s sculpture in St Ann’s Square, ‘Homeless Jesus’. Pupils were able to recognise the origins of the sculpture in one of Jesus’ parables.