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Senior School Staff

Here at Stockport Grammar School our staff are passionate, highly qualified, dynamic and enthusiastic about helping our pupils reach their full potential. With class sizes at a minimum, our teachers can truly get to know each child, and help them with their individual needs.

The teaching doesn’t stop outside of the classroom either, with many of our teachers running clubs, competitions and co-curricular events that help pupils become their very best in academia, sports and music.

All details are correct as of September 2018.

Senior Management Team

Name Job Title
Dr Paul Owen, MA (Cambridge), PhD (Cambridge) Headmaster
Mrs Donna Harris, BSc (Nottingham) Senior Deputy Head (Academic)
Mrs Jo White, BA, MA (Oxford) Deputy Head (Pastoral)
Mr Ben Bowles, MEng (Oxford) Deputy Head (Staffing and Co-Curriculum)
Mr David Stone, BA (Southampton), MEd (Buckingham) Head of Sixth Form
Mrs Jackie Smith, BA (Queen’s Belfast) Head of Middle School
Mrs Helen Lawson, MA (Cambridge) Head of Lower School
Mr Chris Watson, MA (Edinburgh) Bursar
Mrs Rachel Horsford, MA (Cambridge),
MSc (Manchester Metropolitan), MCIM
Director of External Relations

Heads of Year

Name Job Title
Mr David Stone, BA (Southampton), MEd (Buckingham) Head of Sixth Form
Mrs Katrina Britton, BSc (Salford) Head of Upper Sixth
Mrs Heather Ashton, BA (UWE Bristol) Head of Lower Sixth
Mrs Jackie Smith, BA (Queen’s Belfast) Head of Middle School
Mr Niall Clarke, BA (Queen’s Belfast), MA (Leeds) Head of Fifth Year
Mrs Rachel Grey, Mchem Head of Fourth Year
Mrs Helen Lawson, MA (Cambridge) Head of Lower School
Dr Emanuela Zanda, BA, PhD (Manchester) Head of Third Year
Mr Dominic Breffit, BA (Manchester) Assistant Head of Third Year
Miss Sharon Withington, BEd (Sheffield) Head of Second Year
Mrs Esther Suttle, BA (Warwick) Head of First Year

Heads of House

Name Job Title
Dr Wally Krywonos and Mrs Heather Ashton Heads of Arden House
Mr Alex Ehegartner and Mr Michael Sallabank Heads of Nicholson House
Mr Dominic Breffit and Miss Jessica Berry Heads of Vernon House
Mr Anton Hanson and Mrs Katrina Wilkinson Heads of Warren House

Form Tutors

Name Form
Miss Jessica Berry 1P
Miss Sarah Hodkinson 1Q
Mr Chris Wright 1R
Mr Joseph Davies 1S
Mr Ollie Johnson 1T
Mr Michael Sallabank 1U
Mrs Anne Larkin 1W
Mr Matthew Eeckelaers 2P
Miss Laura Chandler 2Q
Mr Craig Shaw 2R
Mrs Hilary Oddy 2S
Mr Alex Ehegartner 2T
Ms Catherine Giffiths 2U
Mr David Lorentz 2W
Mrs Elizabeth Niven 3P
Miss Charlie Mills 3Q
Miss Lauren McAllister 3R
Mr Hugo Corbett 3S
Mr Rob Jones 3T
Miss Jess Perkins 3U
Mr Rob Bowden 3W
Mrs Annabel Cole 3Y
Mrs Kerstin Christmann 4C
Mr Greig Frankland 4F
Mr Alex Phillips 4H
Dr Wally Krywonos 4K
Miss Eilidh MacDonald 4M
Mrs Zoe Vernon 4S
Mr Graeme McKinna-Whitby 4T
Mrs Rebecca Upton 4U
Mrs Michelle Whitton 4W
Mrs Ali Hicks 5H
Mr Anton Hanson 5K
Mrs Katherine Psaila 5M
Mrs Rebecca Reevell 5P
Mr Kieran Prudham 5S
Miss Hannah Barton 5T
Mr Pete Urwin 5U
Mrs Katrina Wilkinson 5W
Mr Neil Young 5Y
Mr Jamie Swann L1
Dr Stephen Smith L2
Mrs Lucy Lammas L3
Mr James Wilson L4
Mr Alex Cooke L5
Dr Anne-Louise Glarvey L6
Mr Peter Grant L7
Miss Leanne Curl L8
Miss Sylvia Gibson L9
Miss Ruth Moore L10
Mr Tom Buxton-Cope U1
Mrs Laura Goddard U2
Mrs Carol Marshall U3
Mrs George Cope U4
Mr Richard Davies U5
Mr Richard Heyes U6
Mr Alistair Thorley U7
Mrs Heather Fenton U8
Dr Martin Hamilton U9

Teaching Staff

Art, Design and Technology

Name Qualification(s)
Mr Richard Davies (Head of Department) BA (Lancs), MA (York), MSc (Manchester Metropolitan)
Miss Sarah Hodkinson BSc (Sheffield Hallam)
Mr Graeme McKinna-Whitby BSc (Open University)
Mrs Helen Tadman BEng (Birmingham)
Mrs Rebecca Upton BA (Manchester Metropolitan), MA (Manchester Metropolitan)
Dr Thekla Kampelmann MA (Dortmund), PhD (Dortmund)
Mrs Zoe Vernon BEd (Manchester Metropolitan)
Mr Neil Young (Assistant Head of Department) BA (Manchester), MA (Open University)
Mrs Hilary Oddy BA (Salford)


Name Qualification(s)
Miss Lauren McAlister BA (Birmingham)
Mr Alastair Thorley (Head of Department) MA (Oxford)
Mr Pete Urwin BA (Southampton)
Dr Emanuela Zanda BA, PhD (Manchester)


Name Qualification(s)
Mrs Alison Moffatt (Head of Department) BA (Leeds)

Economics and Business Studies

Name Qualification(s)
Miss Leanne Curl (Head of Department) BA (Leeds Metropolitan)
Mrs Sara Balfour BA (Stirling)
Mr Alex Phillips BA (Manchester)


Name Qualification(s)
Mrs Georgina Cope (Head of Department) BA (Kent)
Mrs Rachael Cross BA (Manchester)
Mr Ollie Johnson BA (Oxford)
Mr Robert Jones BA (Oxford)
Mrs Helen Lawson MA (Cambridge)
Miss Eilidh MacDonald BA (Warwick), MA (Leeds)
Mrs Siobhan Moore BA (Leeds)
Mrs Ann Mulholland BA (Lancaster)
Mr Mike Sallabank BA (Loughborough), MA (Manchester)
Mrs Esther Suttle BA (Warwick)


Name Qualification(s)
Mr Alex Cooke (Head of Department) BSc (Manchester Metropolitan)
Mrs Hayley Crowley BSc (Durham)
Mrs Gita Miles BA (Leeds)
Dr Kirsten Owen Dipl Higher Education (Heriot-Watt),
BSc (Edinburgh), MA (Sheffield), PhD (Sheffield)
Miss Jessica Perkins BSc (Liverpool)
Mrs Jackie Smith BA (Queen’s Belfast)


Name Qualification(s)
Mrs Heather Ashton BA (UWE Bristol)
Mrs Katie Chesterton BA, MA (Manchester)
Miss Catherine Griffiths BA (Manchester), MA (Manchester)
Mr Stuart Moore BA (Warwick)
Dr Stephen Smith (Head of Department) BA, PhD (Swansea)
Mr David Stone BA (Southampton), MEd (Buckingham)

Computer Science

Name Qualification(s)
Mr Niall Clarke BA (Queen’s Belfast), MA (Leeds)
Mr Mick Flaherty (Head of Department) BSc (Staffordshire)


Name Qualification(s)
Mrs Suzanne Belshaw, French and German BA (Leeds)
Mrs Kerstin Christmann, German Dip (Leipzig)
Mrs Annabel Cole, Spanish and French BA (Leeds)
Miss Sylvia Gibson, French and German (Head of Department) BA (Queen’s Belfast)
Mrs Judith Griffith (Supply Teacher) BA (Bangor)
Mr David Lorentz, French MPhil (Nancy)
Mrs Linda Morgan, French and German BA (Nottingham), PGCE (Manchester Metropolitan)
Mrs Katherine Psaila-Harris, Spanish and French BA (Nottingham Trent)
Miss Carrie Stevenson, French and German BA (Oxford)
Mr James Wilson, French and German BA (Hull)

Learning Support

Name Qualification(s)
Mrs Sarah Boardman BA (Salford)
Mrs Claire Claymore, Teaching Assistant MA (St Andrews), BSc (Open University)
Mrs Katy Harmer, Teaching Assistant BA (Sheffield)
Ms Dawn Meers BA (Hull), MEd (Birmingham),
Associate Membership of the British Dyslexia Association

Life Studies

Name Qualification(s)
Mr Alex Ehegartner (Head of Department) BA (Lasel, USA)
Rev Liz Leaver BA, (Cambridge)
Miss Heather Morgan BA (Newcastle)


Name Qualification(s)
Mr Ben Bowles MEng (Oxford)
Mrs Molly Evans BA (Manchester)
Mr Greig Frankland (Head of Department) BSc (Manchester)
Dr Martin Hamilton MSc (Queen’s Belfast), PhD (Glasgow)
Mrs Donna Harris BSc (Nottingham)
Miss Maggie Higgins BSc (Manchester)
Mrs Lucy Lammas BA (York)
Mrs Anne Larkin BSc (Manchester)
Rev Liz Leaver MA, Bth (Cambridge)
Mrs Carol Marshall BSc (Hull), MSc (Manchester)
Miss Charlie Mills BSc (Newcastle)
Mr Kieran Prudham BSc (Newcastle)
Mrs Rebecca Reevell BSc (Durham), MEd (Manchester)
Mrs Rhian Taylor BSc (Manchester)


Name Qualification(s)
Mr Michael Dow (Head of Department) MA (Cambridge)
Mr Philip Kennedy BMus (Manchester), MEd (Edge Hill), NPQML
Mrs Joanne Matthews BA (Hons) (RSAMD)
Mrs Elena Short MA (Cambridge)


Name Qualification(s)
Mr Rob Bowden BA (Leeds)
Mr Hugo Corbett BA (Staffordshire)
Mrs Abigail Downing MA (Cambridge)
Mrs Laura Goddard BSc (Leeds)
Mr Anton Hanson BEd (Sheffield)
Mrs Angie Jones BEd (Leeds Metropolitan), MEd (Leeds Metropolitan)
Mrs Jo Maskery BEd (Cheltenham)
Miss Amanda Partington BA (Leeds), MSc (Liverpool)
Mrs Katrina Wilkinson BA (Liverpool)
Miss Sharon Withington BEd (Sheffield)
Mr Chris Wright (Head of Department) BA (Liverpool)

Philosophy and Religious Studies

Name Qualification(s)
Mr Dominic Breffit BA (Manchester)
Mr Jamie Swann (Head of Department) BA (Durham), MA (Sheffield)
Rev Liz Leaver MA, Bth (Cambridge)


Name Qualification(s)
Miss Hannah Barton (Head of Department) BSc (Cardiff)
Mr Tom Buxton-Cope BSc (Manchester),
Diploma in Education (Manchester Metropolitan)


Name Qualification(s)
Miss Jessica Berry, Chemistry BSc (Manchester)
Mrs Katrina Britton, Chemistry BSc (Salford)
Miss Laura Chandler, Biology/Physics BSc (Edinburgh)
Miss Abigail Curtis, Physics MEng (Oxford)
Mr Joseph Davies, Biology BA (Oxford)
Mrs Zoe Dawson, Physics MSci (Durham)
Mr Matthew Eeckelaers, Chemistry BSc (Durham), MA (London)
Mrs Heather Fenton, Physics (Head of Department) BSc (Durham)
Dr Anne-Louise Glarvey, Chemistry (Head of Department) MChem, PhD (Sheffield)
Mr Peter Grant, Biology (Head of Department) BSc (Stirling)
Mrs Rachel Grey, Chemistry MChem (Oxford)
Mr Richard Heyes, Chemistry BSc (Sheffield)
Mrs Claire Hird, Physics BSc (Manchester)
Mr Ian Killey, Physics BEng, BSc (Sheffield)
Dr Wally Krywonos, Chemistry MSc, PhD (Manchester)
Miss Ruth Moore, Physics MSci (Queen’s Belfast)
Mrs Elizabeth Niven, Biology BSc (Birmingham)
Dr Paul Owen, Physics MA (Cambridge), PhD (Cambridge)
Mrs Angela Reid, Biology BSc (Manchester)
Mr Craig Shaw, Physics MPhys (Durham)
Mrs Jo White, Biology MA (Oxford)
Mrs Michelle Whitton, Biology BSc (Leeds)
Mrs Lindsey Withers, Biology BA (Cambridge)

Key Non-teaching Staff

Name Job Title
Mr Chris Watson, MA Bursar
Mrs Rachel Horsford, MA, MSc, MCIM Director of External Relations
Mrs Judy Baker Headmaster’s Secretary
Mrs Margaret Connor Admissions Officer
Mrs Sandra Gaffney School Administrator
Mrs Pam Ward, RGN Dip HE Com/Health School Nurse
Mrs Christine Kenny School Nurse
Mrs Sarah Robinson Examinations Officer
Mr Simon Brandt Network Manager
Ms Josephine Pazos Librarian
Mr Steve Markham Maintenance Foreman
Mr Paul Croft Site Services Manager
Mr Phil Chatwood Head Groundsman
Mrs Julie Holt Bookshop
Mrs Sarah Johnson Music Administrator
Miss Laura Turner Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Co-ordinator
Mrs Kathy Gosling Catering Manager
Mrs Sarah Gulson School Support Secretary (pastoral)
Mrs Angela Horne School Support Secretary (academic)
Mr Adam Hughes Outdoor Education Co-ordinator