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Welcome From The Head of Sixth Form

Welcome to the Sixth Form at Stockport Grammar School. The two years in Sixth Form are vitally important not only in the progress made towards linear A-level examinations, but perhaps more importantly in terms of the development of our students into adults ready to step into the worlds of university and work.

As Head of Sixth Form, my role is to co-ordinate and manage the pastoral care, academic monitoring and Higher Education support for our Senior students.

We firmly believe in the introduction of a new dynamic to SGS life in the Sixth Form. During the course of these two years, our students are encouraged, through a phased transition to independent learning, to develop the knowledge and skills they will need to be successful in higher education. All of this takes place within the environs of the school community but with important differences. Sixth Form students have expanded co-curricular opportunities, leadership, independence and privileges with more flexibility in their timetable and their own study and social spaces.

Having chosen a programme of study that more narrowly focuses on individual interests and attributes, the Sixth Form provides a supportive environment to develop academically, supported in small classes by subject specialists. Our UCAS Advisers provide students with an unrivalled level of personalised support and expertise, ensuring that our leavers are able to go on to the courses of their choosing. In the last six years, twenty-six of our leavers have taken up places at Oxford or Cambridge universities, including two of our Class of 2023. Fifty-nine of our students have gone on to study Medicine, Veterinary Science or Dentistry in the same period.

Alongside this, we actively encourage our Sixth Form students to engage in the wider life of SGS and the community. I challenge each and every one of the students to embrace these chances to play, perform, travel, serve, create, and so much more. The opportunities to do so within SGS are abundant.

I do look forward to meeting you, either as a current pupil or parent, or as a prospective 16+ applicant.

Mr David Stone
Head of Sixth Form