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Inspection Reports, Good Schools Guide & Parental Surveys

Inspection Reports

We are delighted to share the results of our Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Routine Inspection Report from November 2023. Our school is one of the first in the North West to be inspected under the new ISI Inspection Framework which came into effect in September 2023.

vibrant and welcoming community

children are happy and thriving

The report starts with a summary of the main inspection findings, detailing the extent to which the school meets the Independent School Standards. It then divides into specific sections focusing on leadership, management, governance, pupils’ education, physical and mental health, social and economic wellbeing, and safeguarding. The new inspection framework places a significant focus on pupil voice and wellbeing.

teaching is stimulating and elicits enthusiastic responses

well prepared for life beyond school

Unlike the old inspection framework, the school is not graded. Instead, the report states if the school is meeting the standards and also identifies any next steps in its strategic planning. As you will see, we are delighted that the inspection identified that we meet all of the standards and is highly positive with regard to the quality of education and pastoral provision at Stockport Grammar School.

The Inspectors commented:

Stockport Grammar School is a vibrant and welcoming community where the values of respect and tolerance sit at the core of its ethos.

Leaders have carefully designed an innovative curriculum which prepares pupils well for wider society and life beyond school.

Pupils experience a broad curriculum complemented by an extensive selection of co-curricular activities.

Pupils are well prepared for life beyond school and for the next stage of their education.

In the early years, well trained staff continuously evaluate their practice to maximise learning opportunities for the children and to ensure that children are happy and thriving.

Children in the early years benefit from a nurturing classroom space and outdoor learning environment which is well designed to support children in their development.”

Pupils in the senior school take pride in the richness and diversity of the subjects available to them.

Inspired by the school’s aim for them to be academically ambitious, pupils are interested and motivated in their learning.

Pupils are resilient learners, eager to self-correct to improve their work.

In the Junior School, teaching is stimulating and elicits enthusiastic responses from the pupils.

Teachers effectively use information from regular subject audits and pupil attainment data to plan learning so that the different groups of pupils can make the best progress possible.

School leaders recognise that recreation is fundamental to pupils’ wellbeing and provide ample space for pupils to socialise and be physically and cerebrally active.

A range of sports and an extensive co-curricular programme, where clubs such as basketball and badminton sit alongside history and board games activities.

Pupils are given the tools to strengthen their understanding of themselves and grow in self-confidence.

Leaders’ commitment to prioritise wellbeing through the curriculum and regular discussion foster pupils’ self-esteem and self-understanding so that, by the time they reach the sixth form, pupils understand the need for balance between taking responsibility for their futures and not becoming over-reliant on others.

The school culture …is centred around an atmosphere where pupils are treated fairly and where difference is respected.

Pupils feel highly supported by staff.

Pupils feel safe and well supported by the adults around them.

Pupils have confidence that their concerns will be heard and taken seriously.

Read the full 2023 report

The Independent Schools Inspectorate is the body approved by the Government for the purpose of inspecting schools belonging to the Independent Schools Council (ISC). Stockport Grammar School was visited during the Autumn Term as part of its regular programme of inspections. The ISI is generally recognised as being even more rigorous in its standards than Ofsted, as it sets as its benchmark standards of achievement which might be attained by the most highly selective schools in the maintained and independent sectors.

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The Good Schools Guide

We are thrilled that The Good Schools Guide, the UK’s number one school guide, noted that Stockport Grammar School provides an “excellent 360-degree education” in its latest review.

Their analysis, which was completed in 2021, added that “pupils not only succeed academically but also leave well prepared with skills for life ahead.”

Parental Surveys

During the spring term of 2024, RSAcademics carried out a survey of parents’ views in the Senior and Junior schools. The survey was administered and analysed independently by RSAcademics to ensure that all responses remained confidential and anonymous.

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