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Bad Weather Procedures

The Hallam building in the snow

The school will stay open in all but exceptional circumstances.

Unavoidable closure

If closure is unavoidable we will do all we can to inform parents as soon as possible through:

  • this website
  • SMS text messages
  • our bad weather helpline (0161 419 2411)
  • @stockportgs on Twitter
  • local radio and TV


Parents should exercise their own judgement as to whether conditions in their area make it advisable to attend school.

If your child is absent from school, please email or telephone 0161 456 9000 (for Senior School pupils) or 0161 419 2405 (for Junior School pupils) and leave a message on the voicemail system, giving the child’s name and form/class.


In the event of a sudden deterioration in weather conditions during a school day pupils should not telephone parents to request alternative arrangements or pre-empt decision-making within school.

If school remains open:

If we are informed that buses are arriving before 3.50 p.m. we will allow pupils travelling on these buses to leave early.  Parents will be notified via SMS message that the bus is leaving early.

All other pupils will only be able to leave the premises if parents contact the School Office by telephone with specific instructions.

If school has to close early:

We will follow the contingency plan of which you have informed us and that is recorded on the school database.  Parents will be informed by SMS message that school is closing early and pupils are following their contingency plan.  For any contingency arrangements to work, it must be understood by your child that they must not deviate from what the family had established by agreement.

Changes to arrangements

Please notify us promptly of any changes either to your contact information or bad weather contingency arrangements by contacting the Senior School office at or on 0161 456 9000 or the Junior School office at or on 0161 419 2405.