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Junior School and Nursery Staff

Junior School Headmaster outside with pupils

Here at Stockport Grammar School our staff are passionate, highly qualified, dynamic and enthusiastic about helping our pupils reach their full potential. By not allowing class sizes to become too large, our teachers are able to properly get to know each child, and to help them with their individual needs.

The teaching does not stop outside of the classroom either, with all staff involved in running clubs, competitions and co-curricular events which help children find new interests and develop new skills within the wide range of intellectual, sporting, musical and artistic activities.

All details are correct as of April 2024.

Senior Management Team

Name Job Title
Mr Matthew Copping, BEd, NPQH, FRSA, NPQEL Head
Mr Simon Milnes, BA, PGCE Deputy Head (Pastoral/Operations)
Mrs Erna Sullivan, BA, MA Deputy Head (Academic)
Mrs Catherine Hampson, BA, QTS Designated Safeguarding Lead

Phase Leads

Name Job Title
Mrs Karen Ehegartner, BSc, PGCE Phase Lead Early Years
Miss Bronagh Corr, BA Phase Lead Y1 and Y2
Mrs Karen Wells, BA, PGCE Phase Lead Y3 and Y4
Mr Mark Vernon, BA, PGCE Phase Lead Y5 and Y6

Form Teachers

Name Class
Mrs Catherine Hampson, BA, QTS Nursery
Mrs Elizabeth Coulson, BA, QTS Reception C
Mrs Karen Ehegartner, BSc, PGCE Reception E
Mr James Bowden, BA, PGCE Y1B
Miss Bronagh Corr, BA Y1C
Mrs Neelum Hurst, BEd Y2H
Mrs Lisa Turner, BEd Y2T
Mrs Loraine Hudson, BA, PGCE Y3H
Mrs Erna Sullivan, BA, MA Y3N
Mrs Kirstie Roberts, BEd, MA Y3R
Miss Isabelle Carding , BA Y4C
Mrs Carolyn Smith, BA, QTS Y4S
Mrs Karen Wells, BA, PGCE Y4W
Mr Martin Burns, LLB, PGCE Y5B
Mrs Helen Carroll, BEd Y5C
Mrs Caroline Woodrow, BA, QTS Y5W
Miss Helen Baker, BEd Y6B
Mrs Joanne Noble, BA, PGCE Y6N
Mr Mark Vernon, BA, PGCE Y6V
Mrs Nicola Shirres, LLB (Hons), PGCE Teacher – Infants
Mrs Bridget Wall, BA, PGCE
Teacher – Infants

Specialist Teaching Staff

Name Subject
Mr Andrew Taylor, BSc, PGCE, PGCert Art/Design Technology
Mr Martin Cooke, BA, PGCE
Mrs Lauren Hargreaves, BA
Mrs Vicki Hutchinson, BA, MA, PGCE Computing
Miss Anastasia Micklethwaite, MA (Cantab.), PGCE (Cantab.), ARCM, ACIB, NQPH Music
Mrs Lisa Carr, BA, PGCE Modern Foreign Languages
Mrs Joanne Noble, BA, PGCE, PGDip (Dyslexia), PGDip (SEN), AMBDA Learning Development Co-ordinator
Mrs Clare Flaherty, NVQ Level 3 Learning Development Assistant
Mrs Rebecca Grant, BA Learning Development Assistant
Mrs Gillian Harding, BEd, PGCE
Learning Development Assistant
Mrs Alison Hutchinson, NNEB Learning Development Assistant
Mrs Alison Johnson, BTEC Learning Development Assistant
Mrs Lisa Shepherd, BTEC Learning Development Assistant
Mr David Jones, ASA Level 2 Swimming
Miss Jo Pepper, BA, ASA Level 2 Teacher Swimming

Teaching Assistants

Name Class
Mrs Carole Chadwick, BTEC Nursery (Deputy Manager)
Miss Hayley Clarke, NVQ Level 3 Nursery
Mrs Nicola Boothroyd, NNEB Nursery
Mrs Carla Roe, BTEC RC
Miss Debbie Leonard, NNEB RE
Mrs Alison Hutchinson, NNEB RE
Mrs Diana Koziel, MA Y1B
Miss Michelle Gay, NNEB Y1C
Miss Ffion Muggeridge Y2H
Mrs Lisa Gilmour, NNEB Y2T
Mrs Alison Johnson, BTEC  Y2T

Secretarial Staff

Name Job Title
Miss Andrea Mariet Head’s PA and Admissions
Mrs Penny Ainge
School Secretary
Mrs Andrea Chawner School Secretary

Other Staff

Name Job Title
Mrs Lucy Carroll Librarian
Miss Cheryl Jones, Play Work Level 3 After School Care and Holiday Club Manager
Mrs Emma Brakewell Breakfast Club
Mrs Jane Connolly Breakfast Club
Miss Lauren Cooke Playground Supervisor
Mrs Jane Connolly Playground and After Care
Mrs Nicola Humphreys Playground and After Care
Miss Jacqui Kelly Playground and After Care
Mrs Amayla Lomas Playground and After Care
Ms Aileen McCall
Playground and After Care
Mrs Pauline Mitchell Playground and After Care
Mrs Shelley O’Neill Playground and After Care
Mrs Christine Steele Playground and After Care
Miss Po Ching (Ivy) Yip Playground and After Care
Miss Amy Harding Gap Student
Miss Ella Smith Gap Student
Mrs Kathy Gosling Catering Manager

School Nurses

Name Job Title
Mrs Pam Ward, RGN Dip HE Com/Health School Nurse
Mrs Christine Kenny, RGN/RSCN School Nurse