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Eco-friendly lessons inspire pupils

Year Four pupils take part in a Water Awareness Workshop Session

Stockport Grammar Junior School is committed to minimising their environmental impact and a couple of recent lessons motivated pupils to think of ways to be more environmentally friendly.

Year Six Presentations

As part of their Humanities topic, some Year Six pupils looked at how the human race are damaging the planet and thought of ways to protect it.

They investigated energy production, the ocean and minerals and considered ways in which SGS is sustainable. The conservationists also explored ways in which the school could be even more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

They then presented their ideas to the class, teacher Mr Mark Vernon and Junior School Headmaster Mr Matthew Copping.

Year Four Workshop

During a water workshop, Year Four children learned about where our drinking water comes from, the journey from the water treatment plants to our homes and back down the pipes to the sewers and how water is treated and cleaned.

The workshop, which is supported by United Utilities, was delivered by Jayne and Janet from Kingfisher Education Services and they offered the boys and girls some great tips – such as using the little button instead of the big button on the toilet when flushing and turning off the tap when brushing your teeth.

They also spoke about the dangers of reservoirs and conducted an experiment with toilet paper and wipes to show what happens when you flush things that you shouldn’t.

Oli T said: “We learned about condensation, precipitation, transpiration, reservoirs and more” and Ophelia S added “Jayne taught us lots of scientific words like ‘fatberg’ – this is the lump of fat which forms when you pour oils and fats down the plughole. When it gets to the cold water in the sewer, the fat solidifies and can cause a blockage”.