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Fun-packed German trip for Second Years

Second Year pupils pose for a photo at a water fountain during their trip to Germany

Forty Second Year pupils enjoyed a fun-packed weekend in the German cities of Cologne and Aachen on a language and culture trip.

In Cologne they explored the monuments, fountains and excavations of the Old Town before paying a tasty visit to a chocolate factory!

Whilst in the western German city they headed to the famous Gothic Cathedral and took a boat trip on the River Rhine.

The second day was spent in the city of Aachen, located close to the Belgian and Dutch borders.

Pupils had a guided tour and completed a town trail around the city before taking a well-deserved break at a café for hot chocolate and cake.

In the afternoon the group headed off to the Dreiländerpunkt (Three Country Point) where they were able to step into the confluence of all three countries.

Pupils were then challenged to find their way out of a maze, one of the biggest in Europe. They did so successfully – although some had to jump through fountains on the way out!

The trip concluded with a trip to a bowling alley in Belgium.