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Year 4 investigate states of matter

Junior School pupils look into states of matter during a Science lesson

Year 4 have been finding out more about states of matter in lessons.

During the Spring term, the pupils learn the characteristic properties of solids, liquids and gases through exploration of typical materials and through classifying examples.

In Humanities they examined the water cycle and this linked in to the work they are doing in Geography lessons.

One activity they carried out was to create their own version of the water cycle in pairs. They used lots of materials to show how evaporation, condensation and precipitation happens.

The children then moved on to investigate the properties of solids.

They enjoyed ‘biscuit bashing’ which involved crushing biscuits and observing the differences with water when poured into different sized containers.

They concluded that some solids such as biscuit crumbs and sand, which are collections of small particles, can be poured and take the shape of the container they are poured into.