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Michael Clark (OS 1971)

Stockport Grammar School was saddened to receive notice of the death of Old Stopfordian, Michael Clark (OS 1971).

The following notice was received on 17th December 2020 from Old Stopfordian Alistair Macpherson:

OS Stopfordian Michael Clark (1952 – 2020)

It is with great sadness that I must inform fellow Old Stops of the recent passing of my great school friend and Old Stopfordian, Michael Clark.

After some six years at SGS, Michael left around 1969 to further his education at Macclesfield college, then onwards to Northwhich, studying business, before joining the family company, Andersons Ltd, based in Reddish at the time.

Michael oversaw the successful growth of the company until his latter years when unfortunately, ill health forced an early retirement and sale of the business.

Our deepest condolences are with his family and friends.

Alistair Macpherson


Mr Clark leaves behind his widow Mrs Clark and his four children John, Andrew, Christopher and Elizabeth Clark who also attended Stockport Grammar School.