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Mr Peter Jackson (OS 1952)

Stockport Grammar School was saddened to receive the news that Old Stopfordian, Mr Peter Jackson (OS 1944-1952), passed away peacefully on Thursday 25th November 2021. The School was notified by Mr Jackson’s cousin and fellow Old Stopfordian, Mr Robert Sharp (OS 1971).

Mr Jackson remained a loyal member of the Old Stopfordian community and was a member of the Stockport Grammar School Shaa Society for which the School is very grateful.

Mr Jackson’s funeral will be on Tuesday 11th January at 11.30am at Norbury Church in Hazel Grove. Afterwards there will be a gathering at The Deanwater Hotel in Woodford.


Peter was very proud to be an Old Stopfordian and was very loyal to the school as he very rarely failed to attend such functions as the OS Dinner, Memorial Day service or Speech Day. He was in the year below me, but unlike me he had also been in the Junior School. Although I knew him slightly then, it was only after leaving school that I really came to know him. As in so many cases you can blame sport for this. We were both great followers of Lancashire cricket and Manchester United and for many years we used to go to their games together and we also joined Derbyshire County Cricket Club together and attended many a match, enjoying the Peak countryside en route.

In the last twenty years or so he became a devoted follower of Bramhall Cricket Club, home and away, and could become quite vociferous at times, whereas at United he wasn’t! He was also a keen and capable tennis player at Woodside Tennis Club and served as league treasurer for a long spell as befits his occupation as an accountant,

This sounds as though his whole life was merely sport-orientated. Far from it as he was a fund of knowledge on many topics, such as history in the Elizabethan Age and British prime ministers, together with USA presidents.

Although he suffered rather from ill-health in his later years, I believe it true to say that he had enjoyed his life and never forgot that he was proud to be an Old Stop.

Barry Rickson (OS 1954)