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Absorbing water-themed lessons thrill Infants

Nursery pupils playing in the water station

Pupils in Reception and Nursery have enjoyed fascinating water-themed lessons during the summer term.

In Reception, the boys and girls talked about sharing, and gave examples of times when they have shared something, after reading the story ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister.

They then made clay rainbow fish, using a rolling pin to level out the clay, before cutting out their fish shape using a clay knife. They embellished their fish with sequins and an eye.

They children have also been learning about capacity. They measured the capacity of different containers and then put them in order. They also had to see how many pots of water each container could hold.

In the Nursery, the pupils have been making the most of the wonderful summer weather.

After starting to play pirates and mermaids in the sand pit, they couldn’t believe their eyes when the pirates brought them lots of dressing up clothes, maps and treasure!


The pupils then threw themselves into a boat building challenge where they demonstrated great problem-solving skills trying to make a boat that floated and didn’t get soggy. Some even had a sail!

The children also thought about life in the oceans and seas, painting their favourite sea animals and having a go at some super story writing!