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Bushcraft adventure thrills excited First Years

First Year pupils in a tent during their Bushcraft trip

Adventurous First Year pupils enjoyed the experience of getting closer to nature as they headed to Castle Howard in York for a Bushcraft expedition.

The girls and boys took part in a wide range of activities that involved teamwork, energy and determination and they relished the opportunity to be independent.

Pupils felt a sense of accomplishment as they built shelters, used knives to carve wood and made a fire which they cooked lunch over. They learnt lots about first aid, stretchers and Bushcraft health and safety too.

They also made objects out of sticks and paracord, looked at different types of traps and made paracord bracelets.

The First Years played lots of games as well – including exhilarating sessions of ‘Where’s My Monkey’!

In the evenings, the children relaxed around the fire, sang songs, made s’mores and listened to stories.

Pupil Poppy Sykes said: “I enjoyed the Bushcraft trip because of all the opportunities it gave me. I met many new friends and bonded with people I never thought I would.”

Fellow First Year Olivia Wibberley added: “The trip was a nice way to get away from phones and electronics and enjoy nature. I became closer to many people I don’t speak to often and discovered we have more in common than I thought.

“We were given a lot of independence as we had to go and re-fill the water if it ran out, do the washing up and we were responsible for where we slept. Because of this, I have become more independent at home and understand how hard it is to do what seem like basic tasks.”

Looking back on the trip, Head of First Year Mr Alex Ehegartner said: “What at amazing time we had on the Bushcraft trip! Opportunities like this teach the pupils a variety of useful behaviours and skills that they can use in the real world.

“It was heartening to hear so many pupils talk about how they like the independence this trip gave them and we are looking forward to them continuing to grow as they progress through the year groups at Stockport Grammar School.”