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Fantastic mobile farm visit delights Nursery pupils

Nursery pupils listen to a talk from Little Barn Mobile Farm

Nursery boys and girls were thrilled to welcome Little Barn Mobile Farm into school as they found out more about farm life and caring for animals.

The visit, which is part of the ‘Understanding The World’ section of the curriculum, saw a wide range of animals make themselves at home in the Junior School.

Natalie from Little Barn Mobile Farm arrived with Rocky the calf, Lucy and Lola the lambs, Bertie the guinea-pig, Rose, Bettie, Peter and Benjamin the rabbits, Penny the hen and Jack and Jill the kid goats with their mummy!

Natalie told the children that she has a dairy farm at home and that she milks the cows every day so that the public have milk to drink.

She introduced all of the animals in turn, then the children had the chance to hold and stroke them. First up was the guinea-pig Bertie, who clearly loved a snuggle with the children! Natalie showed the girls and boys how to stroke him from his head then down his back and they heard him squeak and ‘talk’ as he had a cuddle.

Then came the rabbits – who were extremely fluffy – and all of the children were keen to hold and stroke them.

After that, the pupils met the other animals and quickly discovered that Rocky the calf liked to give them a quick lick if they stroked his nose!

Jack and Jill the kid goats were taken for a little walk around the wild garden and the boys and girls all had a turn at leading them around. There was a couple of cheeky nibbles at the grass as you would expect!

By this time, everyone was beginning to feel a little hungry so they got ready to feed the animals. Natalie spoke about how she feeds her animals at the farm and what they like to eat. As the animals were all babies, they were more than ready for a bottle of milk and lots of fun was had feeding them!

Penny the hen also enjoyed a cuddle with the children – and she impressed the children with how content, quiet and well-behaved she was.

Thank you to Natalie and all of the Little Barn Mobile Farm animals for an unforgettable visit!