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First Years settle in seamlessly to SGS life

First Year Induction 2021

First Year pupils have had a fun and full first few days as they get used to their new surroundings in the Senior School.

In the week before the academic year started, each First Year form group was invited into SGS for an induction session where they listened to short talks from the Head of First Year Mr Alex Ehegartner and Headmaster Dr Paul Owen. They also got to meet and chat to their classmates in an informal setting and the room was buzzing with excitement as the girls and boys got to know each other better.

The day before term started, the pupils were invited in to familiarise themselves even more with the school site and to hear what was expected from them over the upcoming year.

Director of Sport Mr Danny Thomson delivered a talk where he spoke about all of the various ways pupils could get involved in the sporting side of life at SGS. These include fixtures, Games period and co-curricular clubs.

Mr Ehegartner then set the pupils a team building exercise where they had to design and make a structure using marshmallows and spaghetti.

To successfully complete the task the pupils had to work as a team and communicate effectively.

A House orienteering competition saw the First Years split into groups within their House – Arden, Nicholson, Vernon or Warren. They had to utilise their map reading skills and knowledge of the school site to reach certain areas and find answers.

The following day the girls and boys attended their first House assembly. They were introduced to their House Prefects and given a glimpse into House activities in the Senior School. All pupils are encouraged to take part in as many activities and competitions as they feel happy with as their House embarks on the challenge of winning the Fallows Shield.

The Lower School Activities Fair rounded off the first week for the new First Years. SGS has an active and comprehensive co-curricular programme and the range of activities means that whether a child is sporty, musical, dramatic, thoughtful, competitive, curious, caring or creative, there is something to inspire them.

Pupils were encouraged to find an activity that they liked and sign up for it. Activities cover various areas including competitions, music, performing arts, sport and talks and presentations.

In the second week of term, pupils headed to Ilam for their residential. A report on the trip will be published upon their return.