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Fourth Years develop maths skills during Disneyland Paris trip

Pupils pose for a picture during the 2024 Maths trip to Disneyland Paris

Fourth Year mathematicians learnt how to design rollercoasters during a magical trip to Disneyland Paris.

The pupils attended a seminar where they found out how maths is used across many different aspects of running the park.

These aspects included the design of rides, the cost benefit analysis of adding new attractions and how waiting times are managed for the most popular rides.

The pupils then worked in teams to put their knowledge into practice by designing and building a model rollercoaster.

Each team had to make calculations for average velocity, potential and kinetic energy, and the size and shape of bends and dips in the ride to ensure the car reaches the end.

The budding ‘Imagineers’ then demonstrated their final models to the group and the workshop leaders with a presentation on the maths they had applied.

Of course, it was important to do field research so plenty of time was spent on actual rollercoasters!

A number of the travellers also made a beeline to meet, and grab a photo with, some of the Disney characters!

Reflecting on the trip, pupil Olivia Mabon stated that she “loved it so much” whilst Chun Ka Leong “super recommended” the trip to other SGS pupils. Chris Parikh commented: “This is a brilliant opportunity to step into a different world of Disney with your friends and have loads of fun”.

Maths Teacher Mr David Shingler said: “The trip was a huge success. We all had an amazing time enjoying the park and learning about the maths that is integral to making the park work.

“Personally my favourite part of the trip was seeing how much the pupils were invested in their rollercoaster models – well that, and meeting Woody from Toy Story of course!”