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Infants shine during spectacular Nativity shows

Pupils dancing during the 2021 EYFS Nativity

Pupils from Nursery to Year Two delivered wonderful performances at this year’s nativities.

Reception and Nursery children put on two amazing shows of ‘A Bundle Of Joy’. The fun story is about a grumpy, grumbly donkey who travels with Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.

The children looked fantastic in their costumes – which ranged from sheep, stars, angels, travellers, camels, kings and, of course, Mary, Joseph and Grumble the donkey.

The singing, dancing and acting was outstanding and the confidence shown by all of the children was lovely to watch.

Parents were delighted to get the chance to watch their child perform on stage and it is the first in a long line of opportunities at SGS for pupils to display their talent.

Boys and girls in Years One and Two performed ‘Baubles’, a play about Mr Potts the Caretaker who is trying to decorate the school Christmas tree with baubles. Each bauble told a different part of the nativity story.

The play was filled with rousing songs, culminating in the song ‘Ring Out Those Bells’, announcing the birth of Jesus.

All of the children clearly loved performing and it made everyone feel that Christmas had arrived!