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Junior School artists explore their creativity

Junior School pupils with their completed artwork following a workshop

During the first half of the Autumn term, our Junior School pupils demonstrated their incredible creative ability in Art lessons.

Year 1 children had fun exploring spirals and made great use of chalk pastels to create some tremendous pieces of artwork.

Following a visit to The Lowry in Salford, Year 2 pupils produced some fantastic follow up work and were particularly proud of their mixed media portraits that are on display in the Infant Corridor and in the Infant Craft Area.

Year 3 had a lovely time working with charcoal and it was great to see them work on large scale pieces without any inhibition. This culminated in a dramatic piece of ‘performance art’ inspired by Heather Hansen.

Art/Design Technology Coordinator Mr Taylor said: “Being prepared to ‘get going’ is such a key thing in Art and many of us take an artistic inferiority complex with us into adulthood. I am very keen that the children develop the confidence to have a go and freely explore their creativity.”

Finally, Year 5 had a visit from local artist Lucy Burgess who inspired them to create mixed media pieces based on the local area. A variety of landscapes and cityscapes were produced and all of the children enjoyed the opportunity to explore mixed media.