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Juniors mark International Mother Language Day 2022

Year Six perform their song for International Mother Language Day 2022

Junior School pupils from all year groups had a lot of fun utilising their linguistic skills to perform songs to mark this year’s International Mother Language Day.

At SGJS, the children learn French throughout Key Stage One, Spanish in Years Three and Four and French in Years Five and Six in preparation for Senior School.

They learn languages through interactive games, songs and rhymes.

For the 2022 International Mother Language Day, each year group learnt a song to present in assembly.

Nursery and Reception performed French song ‘Comptons Jusqu’à Dix’, Year One and Two sang ‘Hello To All The Children Of The World’ and Year Two also delivered Moroccan children’s song ‘A Ram Sam Sam’.

Traditional Ghanaian children’s song ‘Che Che Kule (Kye Kye Kule)’ was performed by Year Three children, Year Four boys and girls sang ‘Cabeza, Hombros, Rodillas Y Pies’ in Spanish and Yeah Five performed Portuguese tune ‘’Soco Soco Bate Bate’.

Year Six rounded off the performances with a rendition of French song ‘Dans Ma Maison Il y a…’.

Junior School Languages teacher Mrs Lisa Carr said: “It was amazing to see pupils from all year groups throw themselves into the performances. I am so proud of all the children!

“The girls and boys worked hard and had lots of fun learning the words and actions – which you can see from the video!”