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Krishanthi Carfrae née Gill (OS 2004) appointed as new Old Stopfordian President

Old Stopfordian President Krishanthi Carfrae

Stockport Grammar School is delighted to announce the appointment of Krishanthi Carfrae née Gill (OS 2004) as Old Stopfordian President for the 2023-2025 term.

Krishanthi who is a loyal supporter of Stockport Grammar School as both a donor to the Stockport Grammar School Bursary Fund and as a contributor to our career’s activities.

Professionally Krishanthi is a Cities Advisory and Economics Associate for Arup – a professional services firm which provides design, engineering, architecture, planning and advisory service across every aspect of the built environment.

Krishanthi’s term of office is from March 2023 until March 2025.

Discussing the appointment of Old Stopfordian President, Krishanthi notes:

When I was first approached regarding whether I would like to become the new President of the Old Stops I was initially flattered, but wondered what I could bring to the role.  I said I would reflect on the offer and get back with my decision.  During my time of reflection, I thought about the usual things; pros, cons, how much time it would take, would anyone actually want to listen to what I had to say?  I, like many millennials, also consume quite a lot of social media content and opinions and during this time, what I was seeing is that young people like to see role models who look and sound like them. I thought about the role models that I had growing up and whether they looked and sounded like me; they didn’t, there were very few women and hardly any women of colour.  Reflecting on the proposition to become the new OS President, I realised that I wanted to show the young people in the School, that people from diverse background can, and do achieve positions of leadership and that representation and diversity really matters and that there will always be a place for them as part of the SGS community, long after they have finished their studies and gone on to great things.

During my two-year Presidency, it will also be the 20th year since my cohort, OS 2004, left the school. I’m sure many of you, as I do, don’t feel old enough to have reached such a milestone and it would be great to reconnect with as many of you as possible.

In the last few years, through supporting the 3rd Year Careers Day, Careers Event in the canteen and Founder’s Day I have been lucky enough to bump into friends with whom I’d lost touch or familiar faces and been able to relive the shared experiences of larger-than-life teachers and characters in our year groups.

Time at SGS really does leave an imprint.  To stay in touch with the school and its activities, do consider joining and reconnecting with friends via the SGS Community Network  There is a full calendar of events planned for the forthcoming year and I look forward to seeing you there.

As we look forward to Krishanthi’s term as Old Stopfordian President, the school gives thanks to our retiring President, Clare Francis (OS 2004), for all the support given to Stockport Grammar School during her term of office, including professional support in enhancing our social media activity as well as her presence, feedback and advice at the numerous events held throughout her term.