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Latest Literary Magazine explores different generational viewpoints

Editorial team of the 2022 Literary Magazine

For this year’s edition of the Stockport Grammar School Literary Magazine, students looked at the idea of different generational viewpoints.

The magazine is divided into sections including contemporary affairs, book reviews, literary criticism, literary figures, television and film, African literature and creative writing.

As part of their research, the editorial team spoke to teachers, parents and older friends and family to obtain their opinions on different topics. Some of the writers chose to write articles about the same topic from two different viewpoints, allowing them to showcase multiple opinions about the same subject.

The 55-page publication features articles including an impassioned defence of TV and film as art forms, a focus on female literary figures such as Joan Didion and Agatha Christie and an in-depth look at African literature, a “less exposed component” of writing according to one of the writers.

Literary Magazine 2022 cover

Mille Job, Editor for this issue, said: “It has been such an exciting journey creating this year’s magazine and I am so thankful to all the section editors and their writers for the hard work that has been put into this project.

“Thank you to Ms Roberts who has done a brilliant job at organising the magazine and keeping us on track! We, as a team, hope you love this year’s literary magazine.”

Head of English Mrs Georgina Cope said: “The eclectic pieces that appear in this year’s Literary Magazine highlight the diverse range of passions and interests embraced by our pupils and staff. I have always admired the way that pupils at SGS engage with debate, both in the classroom and through co-curricular activities.”

English Teacher Ms Helen Roberts concluded: “Yet again, the Sixth Form editing team have showcased their flair, originality and literary prowess in this edition of Stockport Grammar’s Literary Magazine. I am very proud of the effort, care and skill they have demonstrated and have very much enjoyed working with them.

“I love to see the way each edition is so different as the teams follow their own interests and beliefs about what it means to be literary. We very much hope you enjoy reading it.”

Download the 2022 Literary Magazine (pdf)