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MFL students shine at debating competition

The Spanish team at the North Schools’ Modern Languages Debating Competition

SGS Sixth Formers Tom Manton and Oli Bird (French team), Oliver Brindle and Charlie Harrison (German team) and Joshua Kitchen, Jake Collier and Aman Mulchand (Spanish) represented the school at the 2023 North Schools’ Modern Languages Debating Competition.

All three teams gave outstanding performances as they displayed excellent linguistic and debating skills and impressed the adjudicators.

In their first debate, the French team were victorious as they argued against the motion “Digital technology is making young people’s lives better”. In the second debate, the boys won again as they argued that simplicity was better than complexity.

Having successfully debated the above themes and/or that “Simple is better than complex”, the German and Spanish teams made it through to the final.

They had 15 minutes and a dictionary to prepare the unseen topic “Being prepared is overrated”. Whilst the German team were narrowly defeated, the Spanish team won their debate.

All three teams showed that there is great appetite and passion for MFL at SGS.