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Old Stopfordians gather for a London Reunion

Attendees enjoying the Old Stopfordians London Reunion 2024

On Wednesday 24th April, 80 Old Stops gathered for drinks and canapes at The Swan London.

The Swan London is located at the iconic Shakespeare’s Globe, on the banks of the River Thames, creating a perfect atmosphere with brilliant views of the London skyline as the sun set.

From 1957 to 2019, every generation of leavers enjoyed the reunion, mingling and chatting. Half of the Old Stops in attendance left in the 1980s, with 1984, who are celebrating their 40th Anniversary since leaving SGS, the largest group of attendees from any one year. A number of Old Stops had also travelled down from Manchester to attend on the evening!

Head of the Senior School, Mrs Sarah Capewell, welcomed guests and spoke about how welcoming the SGS community has been – that one doesn’t just join SGS for 7 years, but rather you join this community for a lifetime.

She talked about how the landscape of the school has evolved through the decades of the Old Stops present, with the addition of new buildings and, of course, becoming co-educational in 1980. And, how the school will continue to evolve with plans for a new Pavilion and Gym recently submitted for planning permission.

SGS continues to offer transformational bursaries to children whose families cannot afford fees, and our ambition is to offer more of these opportunities.

As SGS staff left The Swan, a number of Old Stops had moved downstairs to the bar to continue their evening! We thank everyone who attended on the night, and hope everyone had a wonderful time. We look forward to coming back to London again.