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Return of exhibition delights audience and artists

Attendees look at artwork during the 2022 Art Exhibition

The A-level and GCSE Art Exhibition made a welcome in-person return during the Summer term of the 2021-2022 academic year.

Both the A-level and GCSE courses are two years in length and each offers pupils the opportunity to develop ideas and to explore media and techniques freely.

Students are safe in the knowledge that making mistakes and changing direction at a mid-point are part of the learning process and often lead to more accomplished resolved work.

The Art department are always keen that pupils develop an individual response. Furthermore, the development of a contextual understanding to support practical work is encouraged, as the staff believe that being able to negotiate the broader relevance of art in today’s society is important.

The work that was produced by SGS artists spanned traditional themes such as the still life, portraiture, movement and architecture, along with more unusual and sometimes challenging subject matter.

Among the range of media and techniques employed – in addition to painting and sculpture – were drypoint and lino prints, collagraphs, silk painting, ceramics, 3D relief, monotypes and photography. At the core, however, is evidence of the ability to draw.