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Role models inspire Juniors during Black History Month

Black History Month Display in the Junior School

October is Black History Month and the Junior School have been marking it in a number of ways.

At the start of the month, Headmaster Mr Copping held an assembly where he looked at award-winning barrister Sally Penni MBE’s book ‘Where Are You From?’. The book celebrates black British history and uncovers some unexpected allies and the pupils thought back to Sally’s visit last academic year.

Mr Copping also read a bit of Jesse Owens’ story from the bestselling ‘Little People, BIG DREAMS’ series.

In Humanities lessons, each year group worked on a different black role model for a display.

Nursey celebrated American engineer, physician and former NASA astronaut Dr Mae Jemison and Reception looked at footballer Marcus Rashford.

Year One examined Sir Lewis Hamilton, Year Two completed work about British-Jamaican nurse Mary Seacole, Year Three celebrated silhouette artist Kara Walker and Year Four looked at painter Alma Thomas.

Nigerian textile artist Nike Davies-Okundaye was the subject matter for Year Five whilst Year Six had free rein over who they picked. Role models included tennis player Serena Williams, Michelle Obama and Nelson Mandela.

Finally, Year One designed t-shirts inspired by the artwork of Sonia Boyce, an artist linked to the British Black Arts Movement during the 1980’s, who made art about race, gender and equality.