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STEAM Day activities grow pupils’ knowledge

Mars animals on display

Junior School pupils were inspired to learn about the world of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics during a STEAM Day.

‘Growth’ was the theme for Year One boys and girls and they conducted an experiment by planting beans. They discussed what they would need in order for the beans to grow and concluded that they would require water, sunlight, warmth, air and nutrients.

The pupils watched a time-lapse video of beans growing over 25 days to see the changes that they could expect. They then filled out their bean diaries as they watched the beanstalks grow!

Reception children enjoyed learning about ‘Growth’ too. They measured themselves against different objects around the classroom and planted different seeds in a clear glove so they can see how each seed grows.

Year Two pupils discovered that physical exercise is good for pupils’ growth and development as they were introduced to an outdoor gym, uncovering the different ways in which people can exercise outdoors.

Using their creative skills, the same year group designed an animal that could survive on Mars.

Year Six also designed similar animals – researching conditions on the red planet and carefully considering what adaptations their Martian might need to survive.

Issy A, Sophia S and Alicia H of Y6V explained: “We looked at an animal life form that we could create to survive on Mars. We researched Mars to find out what our animals needed to survive and focused our designs on adaptations. We created them from polymer clay and other materials.

“When we had finished, we put our amazing designs on display in the classroom. Our class really enjoyed the activity and thought it tested our skills to be able to research effectively.”