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Stockport and Leeds offer up precious source material for artists

Third Year Art pupils inside Stockport Town Hall

Creative Senior School pupils travelled to Stockport and Leeds to gather source material for their project work.

As Third Year artists start their new project on architecture, a trip around Stockport was a timely reminder of what we have on our doorstep – the Edwardian Ballroom at the Town Hall, art deco designs at the Plaza and the Neo-Gothic forms at St George’s Church.

The pupils spent time at each site to gather valuable source material which will inform their project work in the classroom and they are looking forward to returning to St George’s in the Summer as the church is hosting an exhibition of the produced work.

Meanwhile, pupils in Fifth Year visited Leeds Art Gallery and Leeds City Museum to gather source material and to research artists in preparation for their final GCSE exam in March.

As well as offering them the opportunity to see work from a range of artists, the architecture of each building proved to be rich source of visual information.

The studies the pupils completed at each venue will help in the development of their ideas in response to the question chosen from the Externally Set Assignment paper.