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Students devour on trend snacks in London

Food and Nutrition students pose for a photo in front of street art in London

As part of the Fifth Year non-examined assessment (NEA) preparation, Food and Nutrition students visited London where they experienced five different types of on trend food and drink.

They started their journey in the old Jewish Quarter where they tried a salted beef bagel from one of London’s oldest family-run bagel bakeries and learnt about the fascinating story of the business.

They then consumed chocolate truffles from a Ghanaian lady called Nyanga and found out about how she started off in Spitalfields Market with just a small stall and now she has three Dark Sugars stores under her belt.

To drink, the students had the very popular Taiwanese export that has taken London by storm – bubble tea. The group loved this stop with its tapioca balls fused with many different types of juices and teas.

Next on the tour, the pupils stopped at Brick Lane – half of which is devoted to the Bangladeshi community. Here the students visited Raj Mahal, one of the oldest Bangladeshi sweet and snack delis in the area.

The family-run deli opened in 1979 and local Bangladeshi families come here to try their handmade samosa, pakora, bhaji or paneer rolls. The students had a choice of any one of these to try.

The trip finished with a surprise sweet treat of artisan doughnuts from a special little place on Brick Lane.

The students had an excellent time in the capital and will use the information gained when completing their NEA2 later in the year.