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Theme of healing central to latest issue of Like, Literary

The editorial team of the 2023 Like, Literary Magazine

The 2023 edition of ‘Like, Literary’, the school’s annual Literary magazine, has been published and, this year, the publication looks at the idea of literature as a healing force.

The magazine is divided into sections including psychology, film and TV, literary criticism, poetry, medicine, creative writing, politics and current affairs.

In the psychology section there are articles looking at psychopaths, using psychology for academic peak performance and how social media is having negative psychological impacts on mental health whilst in the film and TV section there are stories about the shows ‘Euphoria’, ‘Say My Name’ and ‘The Office U.S.’.

The power of literary symbolism and the evolution of dystopian novels are a couple of the topics examined in the literary criticism section whilst the conditions of unkindness and defeatism are looked at in The Poetry Pharmacy section.

The medicine section covers issues including nicotine, rest and recovery, sleep, caffeine and AI and the creative writing section features wonderful pieces from Lower School pupils.

The final section of the 57-page magazine, politics and current affairs, looks at the rise of toxic masculinity, how social media is preventing crimes from being solved and why the Turkish-Syrian Earthquake was so deadly.

In the Editor’s Letter, student Grace Ensor-Adams said: “As we pieced together initial thoughts for this year’s edition, the idea of literature as a healing force and books as medicine gave us an avenue to focus our work on. Brought together by the artwork of Design Editor Alex Hartemink, the help of Ms Roberts’ tireless organisation and planning, and the overarching theme of literature ‘healing the soul’, we hope you find your personal antidote amongst these pages.”

In his foreword, Head of Sixth Form Mr David Stone, commented: “The therapeutic effect of reading and literature is no better represented than in the marvellous sun mural currently adorning the Library window. Here, my colleagues and I have shared their books of choice, which they will be delving into over the summer when away from school. Be it in the garden, on the plane or ferry, on a sun lounger or sat with your legs dangling over the edge of Kinder Scout, many of us will choose reading as one way to clear our minds and souls after a busy SGS year.

“My first read of the summer will be this year’s edition of the SGS LitMag, which is a credit to the student-led editorial team and contributors, ably supported by Ms Roberts. Let the therapy begin here!”

Click on the link below to access the 2023 Issue of ‘Like, Literary’.

Like, Literary Magazine 2023 (pdf)