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Whimsical Wind in the Willows production wows audiences

The cast of Wind in the Willows

More than 60 students took part in a whimsical production of ‘Wind in the Willows’.

The play, based on Kenneth Greene’s classic children’s novel, follows the escapades of Toad, Rat, Badger and Mole as they fight to reclaim Toad Hall from the Wild Wooders.

Lower School pupils played the main roles and a number of our older pupils worked backstage to ensure the lighting, sound, costumes, make up and set were of high quality.

Fourth Year pupil Hannah Johnson said: “It has really been enjoyable working with pupils from younger years and being able to create a really inclusive ethos amongst the cast and crew.”

Head of Hockey Miss Withington, who played a DJ in the production, said: “The shows were fabulous! I loved having the opportunity to work across another department and interact with the pupils in a different way.”

Director of Drama Mr King-Sayce added: “The production is a culmination of several months of work from the students on and off stage.

“The acting, as well as the lighting, sound and costumes were of such high quality. It’s been a pleasure to bring this classic children’s story to life.”