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How and why does the school collect and use personal information?

We set out below examples of the different ways in which we use personal information and where this personal information comes from.

The letters highlighted in different colours below refer to the legal bases we are relying on.

Please see the section above for an explanation.

  1. The School’s primary reason for using your personal information is to provide educational services to your child – LI, CT, PI, SPI.
  2. We will have information about any family circumstances which might affect your child’s welfare or happiness.  This is to help us provide appropriate care and support to your child – LI, CT, PI, SPI.
  3. We will need information about any court orders or criminal petitions which relate to you.  This is so that we can safeguard the welfare and wellbeing of your child and the other pupils at the School – LI, CT, PI, SPI.
  4. We use CCTV to make sure the school site is safe.  Images captured of you via CCTV will be your personal information.  CCTV is not used in private areas such as toilets – LI, CT, PI, SPI.
  5. If there is a complaint or grievance made to the School which involves you then we will use your  information in connection with that complaint or grievance – LI, PI, SPI.
  6. The School may share information about you  with the local authority for the purpose of the preparation, implementation and / or review of your child’s Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health and Care Plan – LI, PI, LO.
  7. Where appropriate, the School will have information about your religious beliefs and practices.  For example, if you do not eat certain foods – LI, SPI.
  8. We may take photographs or videos of you at School events to use on social media and on the School website.  This is to show prospective parents and pupils what we do here and to advertise the School.  We may continue to use these photographs and videos after your child has left the School – LI.
  9. We will send you information to keep you up to date with what is happening at the School.  For example, by sending you information about events and activities taking place (including fundraising events) and the School newsletter – LI.
  10. We will keep details of your address when your child leaves the School so we can send you copies of Taking Stock, the Old Stop’s Review and any other relevant publications from time to time – LI.
  11. We may use information about you if we need this for historical research purposes or for statistical purposes. For example, if we consider the information might be useful if someone wanted to write a book about the School – LI.
  12. We may use your information when ensuring network and information security, for example, our anti-virus software might scan files containing information about you – LI.
  13. We can keep information about you for a very long time or even indefinitely if we need this for historical, research or statistical purposes.  For example, if we consider the information might be useful if someone wanted to write a book about the School – LIFinancial information
  14. We will process financial information about you in relation to the payment of fees.  In some cases we get information about you from third parties such as credit reference agencies or from your child’s previous school(s) – LI, CT.
  15. We will hold information about bankruptcy petitions and statutory demands, where relevant – LI, CT.
  16. We may search the files of any licensed credit reference agency in order to verify your identity.  This also allows us to assess your application for the award of a bursary or for credit in contemplation of an agreement for the deferment of fees.  The credit reference agency will keep a record of that search and details about your application.  This record will be seen by other organisations which make searches about you – LI, CT.
  17. We may share your information with debt recovery suppliers if you do not pay any school fees owed to the School – LI, CT.
  18. We may obtain information about you from publicly available sources, such as Companies House and Zoopla, to assess your ability to pay School fees – LI, CT.Failure to supply information may result in a refusal of an award or credit.Sharing personal information with third parties
  19. In accordance with our legal obligations, we will share information with local authorities, the Independent Schools Inspectorate  and the Department for Education, for example, where we have any safeguarding concerns or to comply with our legal obligations – LI, LO, PI, SPI.
  20. On occasion, we may need to share your information with the police for the prevention and investigation of crime and the prosecution of offenders.  We will only do this in specific circumstances to assist the police with their investigations – LI, CT, LO, PI, SPI.
  21. We may need to share information about you with the Health and Safety Executive (a government organisation) if there is a health and safety issue at the School – LI, LO, PI, SPI.
  22. In certain circumstances, we may also need to share information with our legal advisers for the purpose of obtaining legal advice – LI, LO, PI, SPI, LC.
  23. Occasionally we may use consultants, experts and other advisors to assist the School in fulfilling its obligations and to help run the School properly (e.g. our accountants).  We will share your information with them if this is relevant to their work – LI, CT, PI, SPI.
  24. If your child is not of British nationality we have to make sure that your child has the right to study in the UK.  Sometimes the government will ask us to provide information as part of our reporting requirements – LI, CT, LO, PI, SPI.
  25. The School is a charity which means that in exceptional circumstances we may need to share your information with the Charity Commission e.g. in the event of a serious incident – LI, LO, PI, SPI.
  26. We may share information about you with our insurance company, for example, where there is a serious incident at the School – LI, SPI, LC.
  27. If you have unpaid fees we may share information about this with other schools or educational establishments to which you intend to send your child – LI.
  28. If your child leaves us to attend another school we may provide that school with information about you.  For example, details of family circumstances if there have been any safeguarding incidents – LI, LO.
  29. We may share information about you with others in your family, such as another parent or step-parent.  For example, where this is part of our obligation to take care of your child, as part of our wider legal and regulatory obligations, or in connection with school fees – LI, PI, SPI.
  30. We may need to share information if there is an emergency, for example, if you are hurt whilst on School premises – LI, VI.
  31. If you have appointed an agent to act on your behalf, we may share information with them.  For example, we may send letters to them so that they can pass these on to you – LI.
  32. We may send you information about the School before you accept a place for your child.  For example, we may send you a copy of the school prospectus – LI.
  33. If your child has an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP), we will share information with and obtain information from the local authority about you – LO, PI, SPI.

We sometimes use contractors to handle personal information on our behalf.  For example:

  • IT consultants who might access information about you when checking the security of our IT network
  • we use third party “cloud computing” services to back up  some information rather than the information being stored on hard drives located on the School site.

We obtain information about you from admissions forms and from your child’s previous school.  We may also get information from professionals such as doctors and from local authorities.