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Paul Goodstadt

Paul Goodstadt is a Manager at market leading financial services, analytics and benchmarking company Finalta, McKinsey & Co.

Paul helps banks, insurers and telecompanies to diagnose their performance against peers with our rigorous fact-based methodology, identify improvement opportunities and set objective targets to match or outperform peers and implement initiatives, using proven best practices to accelerate improvement.

Paul believes learning “qualitative analysis, and trying to understand the context behind facts” in history lessons at Stockport Grammar School, and also his enjoyment for maths and being “very much a numbers person” set him up for reading Economics at University and has proven essential to his work in management consulting. He is also thankful to his teachers at Stockport Grammar School for pushing him to obtain “a really good set of A-level results” for his degree, which he says he could quite easily not have got.

As part of his role, Paul also supports pro-bono work for charities on behalf of Finalta, McKinsey & Co and recently supported a review on the impact of homophobic bullying on LGBT+ student’s mental health and wellbeing, in conjunction with the global digital platform Openly, which delivers impartial LTBT+ news. You can read the report here.

Paul has also ran for the Bath Half Marathon Fund which raises millions of pounds to support hundreds of local community groups in the most deprived areas of the UK each year.

Paul’s interest in charity work began when he was elected as Students’ Union Officer whilst reading Economics at the University of Bath. In this role Paul was a Trustee for a multi-million pound charity and was tasked with ensuring the Academic Executive targeted the issues most important to the students they represented.

When we interviewed Paul he told us he “would relish the opportunity to do something like that again… especially with a charity I feel quite strongly about, especially if it was something in the LGBT space.”

You can watch Paul’s interview below.

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