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Junior School and Nursery Fees

School fees cover the cost of tuition, examination entries, textbooks, and most co-curricular activities. Parents are not asked to purchase IT equipment for use in school.

Fees for each term of the 2022-2023 school year will be:
Junior School £3,400
Nursery £3,218

Payment method

School fees can be paid by direct debit, either termly or three times per term.

Early Years Funding

Early Years Funding is available for pupils who are eligible. For further information please contact the Junior School on 0161 419 2405.

Financial assistance

Unfortunately we do not offer assistance with Junior School and Nursery fees.

Financial advice

Stockport Grammar School does not give financial or investment advice.

You may wish to take advice from your own financial advisor or one of the companies who offer specialist advice as to the best way to plan the costs of long-term fee payment.


Every child stays for lunch, except Nursery children not attending a full day. Lunch is charged for separately per term. Visit the meals page.