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Why Choose The Junior School?

We believe that children thrive when their natural enthusiasm for discovery is encouraged in an exciting, challenging and supportive environment.

Stockport Grammar Junior School is a happy and inviting place where the children in our care are inspired to become confident learners. We encourage them to enjoy the excitement of learning, developing an ethos where they have the confidence to be curious, to explore, to persevere, to ask questions, to tackle problems and to take risks.

With a rich and challenging curriculum, high quality teaching, excellent facilities and an extensive range of opportunities outside of the classroom, we help each child to develop their skills and talents, building a foundation which prepares them for their time in our school and beyond.

Our academic standards are high but without undue pressure and there is always someone on hand to provide encouragement and support when it is needed. Ours is a welcoming and supportive school community in which we expect all children to show kindness and respect to others. Above all, we want children to be happy at school.

It is impossible to describe all of the things which make our school special but those who visit us quickly reach their own conclusion as they see busy, happy children, both at work and at play.