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Parental Survey Results

During the summer term of 2019, RSAcademics carried out a survey of parents’ views in the Senior and Junior schools. The survey was administered and analysed independently by RSAcademics to ensure that all responses remained confidential and anonymous.

See the parental survey results from the Senior School.

An impressive 92% of parents are happy to recommend the Junior School to others. The most popular words chosen to describe the Junior School were ‘friendly’, ‘welcoming’ and ‘academic’, followed by ‘rounded’ and ‘encouraging’.

94% of parents rated the quality of teaching in the top two categories of very good and good and 93% rated the teachers’ ability to inspire your child at the same high level.

Parents rated 40 different school features which were grouped into six categories, in five of these categories the Junior School scored significantly higher than the benchmark group of 46 other day prep/junior schools. The individual features rated particularly strongly included: sports; educational trips, visits and other extra-curricular activities; school security; facilities; and equipment.

RSAcademics commented that:

Parents continue to value the friendly, welcoming atmosphere of Stockport Grammar Junior School and rate the quality of teaching, especially in literacy and numeracy, extremely highly. The communication with parents and the physical resources of the School are also highly regarded by parents. Parents are very supportive of the Junior School and levels of satisfaction and ratings of the School’s individual features exceed our benchmarks.

Parents’ comments

A selection of the comments show just how satisfied parents are with their experience of Stockport Grammar Junior School:

As our daughter is about to leave SGJS we would like to thank all the staff for their hard work, commitment and dedication in teaching her and helping her to become the confident, happy child that she is.

SGJS is an outstanding school and I am delighted with the quality of the teaching, the caring attitude of the teachers and the overall environment for learning and personal development.

Our daughter loves going to school, and I think that sums up everything.