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Step Inside Pre-Reception

From magic trains to robotic mice, every day our Pre-Reception children enjoy different experiences as they learn communication, language, maths and English skills and so much more.

A trip on The Magic Train

Recently Pre-Reception pupils have been experiencing the wonder of The Magic Train Ride by Sally Crabtree, with lots of exciting activities that explore different train destinations such as deep in the ocean, fairy land and even outer space.

Pupils’ imaginations ran wild with the possibilities of the different train destinations. Fairyland was a huge hit, with toadstools for the fairies to play on, a reading hub for the pupils to enjoy and unicorns galore. Pupils learned how to play nicely with each other and share toys and books.

Cake land had everyone’s mouths watering, with one pupil taking orders and making sure everyone got what they wanted, whilst others created their own concoctions with lollipops and pancakes. Cake slices helped the children learn about portions and sharing whilst others even learned a little about cooking pancakes!

Divers in goggles and wet suits explored the deep ocean full of dolphins and sea shells, learning about boats that float and shells that sink.

Pupils also got to explore outer space with rocket ships, stars and planets. The astronauts blasted off into space to head towards the moon. The children were able to pick out Earth, Jupiter and Saturn from the toys, and filled the rocket up with little astronauts who went on a journey to the stars.

Science and Technology

The children have science lessons every week, and have recently learned how to use robotic mice that are programmed simply by pressing direction buttons.

The children learned when they need to clear the programming, how to tell the mouse what they want it to do, and learned about directions with simple mazes for the mice to navigate. They also have an interactive white board which helps the children prepare for using other technology later in life.

Music lessons

Every week, Mrs Matthews from the senior school music department takes an exciting music lesson with the children. From playing drums to singing, the varied classes are a great introduction to music and how to perform.

Introduction to cooking

To help children learn about where food comes from, and the processes involved in baking, the Pre-Receptioners get to enjoy cooking sessions on a regular basis.

Whether they’re making bread hedgehogs or gingerbread men, each child gets to join in with the stirring, cutting out and decorating of the goods. Recently the children made bread hedgehogs.

School trips

On a monthly basis, the children get to leave school on an exciting walk to the local village of Davenport to experience different kind of shops. The children learn how to cross roads safely, walk in organised lines and pay very close attention to the teachers. Sometimes they visit the local bakery where they purchase a bread roll to later make their own lunches.

Milk time

Every day the children have milk time, where they are asked to sit quietly and enjoy a tasty nutritious drink. The children are then required to tidy away their milk bottles before playtime.


During playtime the children are encouraged to express themselves in any way they like, for some that includes painting. Rainbows, flowers and sunshine are a popular topic for the children.

Wet weather

When the weather is wet, children put on their puddle suits, wellington boots and coats before going outside. They have free rein over the all-weather pitch outside, running around playing tag and splashing in puddles.

Children learn about autumn leaves, summer sun and everything in between.

Mud kitchen

The mud kitchen is a hugely popular activity with the children, where they can get their hands dirty making “food” of all sorts.