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SGS community comes together to create a family favourites cookbook

Good Enough To Eat cookbook

‘Good Enough To Eat!’, a cookbook full of recipes sent in by creative members of the Stockport Grammar community, is now available to buy.

The 162-page booklet, which would make a great Christmas present, costs £15 and can be purchased on Wisepay. 100% of the sales will go to the Stopfordian Parents’ Association and be put towards projects that will help all SGS pupils.

Recipe contributors include pupils, parents, alumni, teachers, the SGS Cookbook Team and the school’s Catering Manager Mrs Kathy Gosling.

Sam Buckley, Chef Patron of Where The Light Gets In sent in his recipe for a whey tart whilst Paul A. Young, chocolatier and founder of Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates, offered his recipe for dark chocolate water ganache hand-rolled truffles.

All of the artwork was created by Junior School pupils.

The family favourites cookbook contains a host of appetising food options, whatever your taste and diet.

You can start the day off with lovely breakfasts such as French toast, smoothie bowls or banana bread pancakes and then enjoy salads, including butternut easy-chickpea-zy or halloumi and pine nuts, or a warming soup for lunch.

Chicken and turkey dishes and stews and casseroles could be an option for an evening meal, or you could try vegetarian and vegan dishes such as cauliflower curry or a seafood meal like firecracker prawns or a sea bass and miso risotto.

If you have a sweet tooth, why not try Year Two T’s birthday surprise cake or Year One’s chocolate crispy cakes.

The publication also includes tips and tricks for cooking and baking with children and information on how to grow your own ingredients.

Head to the General Payments area of Wisepay to purchase a copy of ‘Good Enough To Eat!’. If you do not have a Wisepay account, you can create one. The booklet will also be on sale at the SPA Christmas Fair which takes place on Saturday 27th November 2021.