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Teaching and Learning

Teacher with a pupil in an Art lesson

Our passionate teachers create effective learning environments in order to increase the learning potential of our students. We share a vision of creating a culture of collaboration and excellence and we continuously share best practice to ensure we adopt teaching pedagogies which are suited to the needs of our own students here at SGS.

Today there is a large and fast-growing body of educational research in fields such as psychology and cognitive science which has added enormously to our understanding of how learning actually happens and how it is most effectively brought about. This knowledge is collected, analysed and disseminated to SGS subject teachers by members of our Teaching and Learning Committee along with termly Teaching and Learning bulletins. SGS teachers are also encouraged to make use of our professional development library and journal subscriptions to continuously hone their teaching-methodology.

Another aspect to the modern world that informs our teaching is our approach to digital learning.

Firstly, whiteboards, laptops and tablets enable a degree of interactivity and analysis unimaginable to previous generations. We seek to make the fullest possible use of these tools to promote effective learning without losing the personal touch which we regard as essential.

Secondly, we recognise that the world into which our students will emerge is likely to be ever-increasingly moulded by – and dependent on – technology. It is vital that not only do we give our students the skills and confidence to thrive in the computing landscape, but also to challenge and shape it according to the values they have received.

We are confident that, via our educational approach rooted in tradition, informed by science and geared for technology, your child will be given the best possible chance to develop a life-long love of learning, grow into the best possible version of themselves, and be well prepared to meet the challenges of our fast-changing world.

This is just a quick overview of our teaching approach here at SGS. If you have any questions or if you would like to discuss this further, please contact Mr Ian Kendrick, Deputy Head (Academic).