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Character Education

Schools should prepare pupils for the rest of their lives. Great examination results are an important part of this but a good education is concerned with much more.

At SGS we have identified five character strengths associated with success in life in its broadest sense.

  1. Enthusiasm: approaching activities or tasks with optimism, energy and excitement.
  2. Grit: persevering with things when they are difficult and picking yourself up after set-backs.
  3. Curiosity: being interested in things for their own sake and noticing patterns and anomalies and asking great questions.
  4. Community Ethos: being grateful, being interested in the achievements of others and in serving others.
  5. Social Intelligence: being aware of the feelings and motivations of others and using these insights to cooperate and to navigate social situations.

We encourage the pupils to think about these strengths and promote them through regular assemblies and discussions. Co-curricular activities, house events and leadership opportunities help the pupils to grow in these strengths throughout their time at SGS.