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The Enrichment Programme & Shaa Lecture Series

The delivery of the Pastoral Curriculum in the Sixth Form is split into three elements.

Firstly, the Shaa Sixth Form Lecture series (named after the School’s founder) ensures that through a dedicated programme of lectures/workshops and follow up sessions key pastoral themes will be covered with the students in a two year cycle. Recent visitors include Emma Cole (Positive Voice), Jude Guitamacchi, the RAP Project, John Hoskison and Elizabeth Burton-Phillips MBE (DrugFAM).

This is supported in both years by a Form Period programme containing a pastoral focus on issues such as online safety, budgeting and financial planning, target setting and self-evaluation, strategies for coping with examination pressures, alongside the essential planning and preparation of our students for progression to their next steps beyond school. This is complemented by assemblies led by the Sixth Form pastoral team on a range of themes, such as Making Sensible Choices.

The Skills for Life EP course as part of the Enrichment Programme ensures important pastoral topics, such as RSE, Mental Health and Wellbeing, and British values are covered in greater depth. Aspects of the EP include access to ICT teaching for Sixth Formers, academic enrichment, and practical courses to ensure a continued emphasis on ensuring we fully prepare our students for the next steps.

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