Leadership and responsibility


Sixth formers are entrusted with leadership, with which comes responsibility. A number of roles which are fundamental to the daily functioning of the school are open to sixth formers.

Head boy and girl

The head boy and head girl liaise with the headmaster and senior staff regarding the general running of the school and the operation of the prefect system. Senior prefects act as deputies for the head boy and head girl, undertaking various duties which include playing a major role in the running of the school council.


Prefects help to maintain the school rules and they assist staff by doing duties during lunch times in different parts of the school. Sixth formers, along with staff members, have the responsibility of nominating pupils they feel should be prefects. The head boy, head girl and senior prefects are chosen from amongst the prefects by senior staff following interviews.

House captains

House captains are appointed at the end of the lower sixth following interviews by house staff. House captains are responsible for organising inter-house sporting events and house assemblies.

Sixth form committee

The sixth form committee, unlike the school council which deals with school-wide concerns, discusses issues which pertain only to the sixth form. Members attend two meetings per term. On the agenda are issues raised by the head of sixth form, the head of year or by sixth formers themselves. Members of the committee represent, and are selected by, their form group.

First form friends

First form friends help first year pupils to settle into school life. Each form has a group of four or five lower sixth “attached” to it. They are given training at the start of lower sixth and attend form periods, visit the form in lunch times and are generally available for the first years when needed. Upper sixth form students also have the opportunity to act as mentors to younger pupils.