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Parental Survey Results

During the summer term of 2019, RSAcademics carried out a survey of parents’ views in the Senior and Junior schools. The survey was administered and analysed independently by RSAcademics to ensure that all responses remained confidential and anonymous.

See the parental survey results from the Junior School.

The most popular words chosen to describe the Senior School were:

  • academic
  • welcoming
  • rounded
  • supportive

An impressive 94% of parents rated the school’s academic results in the top two categories of very good and good, with 91% rating the quality of teaching at this level.

The Senior School received responses placing it in the top 3 of 30 Senior Day Schools surveyed by RSAcademics for:

  • The provision of clubs and extra-curricular activities, with music and sport receiving particularly high praise
  • The approachability of staff to parents and the general communication of events and news
  • The School’s results in public exams, its academic facilities and equipment and the range of academic subjects on offer
  • The quality of teaching, feedback on progress and arrangements for homework
  • The School’s state of repair and appearance and the security of the school site
  • The administration and day-to-day running of the school

RSAcademics commented that:

Stockport Grammar School is described warmly by parents as ‘academic’, ‘welcoming’, ‘rounded’ and ‘supportive’ and is especially prized for its values and ethos and for the broad and balanced education offered. The School has high levels of satisfaction and advocacy among parents who feel their children are happy at Stockport Grammar. The School has performed well, in line with or ahead of sector benchmarks on these measures and for many other individual features.

Parents’ comments

A selection of the comments reveal just how happy parents are with their children’s education at Stockport Grammar School:

My child has great friends, lots of hobbies/interests inside and outside of school and she is motivated by the teachers and their lessons. I am so proud and pleased with how she is developing and I thank the school and staff for their support.

I think the school has encouraged our son to work hard and the fact he has been happy has enabled him to do this and the School should be credited for this.

Thank you SGS for helping my son to develop into such a happy, thoughtful, independent young man.

Over the last 13 years, Stockport Grammar has enabled our daughter to fulfil her potential not only academically but through music and sport as well.