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Alumni Stories

Where are they now?  Find out more about your Old Stopfordian community here.

Lucy Cotter

OS 1988

Lucy is the Arts, Media and Entertainment Correspondent for Sky News.

Jessica Piasecki née Coulson

OS 2008

Jess is the third fastest female marathon runner in British marathon history.

Sarah Kate Howarth

OS 2009

Sarah is a West End actress and performer who has starred in 'The Band', the fastest-selling musical theatre production featuring the music of Take That.

Chris Bowers

OS 1983

Former BBC World Service Correspondent, Political Advisor to Chevron.

Rebecca Coales

OS 1994

Rebecca is the UK's leading female pool freediver and holds National Records in breath-hold swimming.

Philip Ellis

OS 2011

Philip is a Milan based fashion designer.

Clare Francis

OS 1994

Savings & Investments Director at Barclays, Board Trustee for the Money & Mental Health Policy Institute and Financial Journalist

Holly Hunt

OS 2015

England/GB International Hockey Player

Ed Francis

OS 2017

Ed Francis (OS 2017) is a Premier League footballer and currently holds a contract with Wolverhampton Wonderers FC.