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Generous SGS community raise amazing amount for The Christie

A cheque for The Christie

The Junior School held a Dress Down Day to support the great work of The Christie and we are delighted to announce that an astonishing £1,891 was raised – the most the Junior School community have ever raised in a single charity event!

SGS children have an impressive enthusiasm for charity events with the right attitude, motivation to learn and the desire to support other people less fortunate in the community.

Year Six pupils Neave S, Anna B, Sophia St C and Priya M wanted to raise awareness and funds for The Christie after discussions about charities and the work they do in an earlier lesson and were delighted with the total raised.

The girls said: “As the organising group, we are delighted to discover that we have raised £1,891 for The Christie – a hospital dedicated to treating cancer and for researching it. We all experienced a day in non-uniform as the day was all about physical and mental health, and also learning more about healthy eating.

“We enjoyed a lot of different activities, including PE with Mr Cooke, yoga and meditation. A few of the Infant children told us how much they enjoyed their time with Mrs Noble in the mindfulness sessions, when some children did some colouring and relaxing. Mila in Year Two said to us that it was the “best day ever!”.

“We are really thankful for all the donations that have been made – the money will make a big difference to people’s lives.”

In Nursery, the children made a fruit salad and talked about eating a rainbow of colourful mouth-watering fruit and vegetables every day, whilst Reception and Year One boys and girls took part in a yoga session. They also made their own fruit kebabs, played healthy eating games, painted to music and danced.

Year Two pupils learnt about the brain and the benefits of brain training; tried relaxing breathing techniques, wrote positive messages and created their own delicious fruit dessert.

Fabulous ‘smile’ cards were made by Year Three children – created to make the recipient smile as they gave the cards to each other.

Year Four pupils Jake S and Jacob T explain what Year Four and Five got up to: “We got active with Mr Cooke, doing an energetic keep-fit session to music – which got us all up and moving, doing some tricky moves! It was hard work and tiring but we all enjoyed it!

“We also focused on healthy living in different ways. In Year Four we made a delicious fruit punch and in Year Five they made fruit kebabs. They cut the fruit up into small pieces – although cutting an apple with a plastic knife was quite tricky!

“Mrs Noble held a ‘mindfulness’ session where we practised our finger breathing and wobbling. These strategies really help us when we need to concentrate. We also listened to our favourite tunes as these make us feel energetic and happy. It was a great day and we had lots of fun.”

In Year Six, pupils carried out detailed experiments to find out how much hidden sugar is in our food.

Despite restrictions, the Junior School have been able to support their four main charities – thank you to everyone for a wonderful year of fundraising.