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Remote Teaching – Continuing Pupils’ Learning

Tom volunteers as part of his Duke of Edinburgh's Award work

Following government guidelines, Stockport Grammar Junior and Senior Schools moved to remote learning from the start of the Spring Term. All our Pre-Reception children can still be taught in school and we are delighted to see them each day as well as a small number of Junior and Senior pupils whose parents are key workers.

Our fantastic teaching staff were fully prepared for this eventuality and immediately implemented our remote learning programmes. Extensive use is being made of electronic resources to support pupils. Google Meets, Google Classroom, Tapestry, Satchel One and the Pupil Portal are amongst the platforms used.

The school is in regular email contact with parents and pupils; staff are available to provide support, advice and guidance on all matters as though the school were open. Throughout the closure, we will be working with parents to continue pupils’ learning in this difficult time.

We are proud of our strong school community and although apart, together we will stay strong and connected and look forward to returning to school.

I just wanted to let you know I think the school is doing an amazing job in really challenging circumstances. X was so happy to be back yesterday. Thank you to you and the rest of the staff. (Parent)

I have to say that I’m really blown away with the level of work, support and care you are providing, it is amazing! I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are as a family and that we really do appreciate all the efforts that you and all your wonderful staff are making. (Parent)

Well done to our amazing pupils and staff. Here is a small selection of SGS remote learning:

Many departments have filmed experiments and demonstrations to share with the pupils. Here is a small selection.

Beyond their lessons, pupils have been encouraged to enter maths competitions, challenges and brain teasers plus a puzzle of the week. Keen Sixth Form Biologists have continued their regular Above and Beyond Biology meetings, now via Google Meet on a Wednesday lunchtime.

There has also been plenty to keep the pupils fit and active with a Tik Tok style Whole School Dance Challenge. The SGS House Race Around the World is proving to be a close competition with Arden, Nicholson, Warren and Vernon battling for pole position.

Pupils have received regular sporting challenges from the PE department, as well as the latest SGS Talks Sport with England Cricketer Sir Alistair Cook. To watch the latest sporting challenges click on the headings below:

Netball Sessions

Cricket Challenges

Football and Rugby Challenges

The school’s musicians have also been producing solo and ensemble performances, composing and enjoying a range of challenges including the Von Trapp Challenge, the Stomp Challenge and the Build a Musical Instrument Challenge.

The school community has stayed connected with virtual assemblies and House competitions including the innovative ‘most expressive face’ competition.

Reception children have enjoyed sharing the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. They have worked very hard making their own masks to help them retell the story. The children got imaginative using instruments to create sounds to accompany the story.

There were even some fantastic homemade instruments, using household items. The children have investigated making bridges from a variety of construction kits, making sure they were strong by testing their work.

Year One have continued to learn about Traditional Tales. They have focused on the story of Cinderella. The children made an invitation to their own imaginary party.

As part of the materials topic, the children learnt about what their clothes are made from and also discovered that cotton grew as a plant. The children went on to weave different materials similar to how cotton is woven.

In Science, the children made a variety of houses suitable for the Three Little Pigs, out of different materials.  They tested their structure using a hair dryer to act as the wolf’s ‘huff and puff’.  The children applied their knowledge of the properties of different materials to create houses that withstood the blow from a hair dryer.

In Music, pupils in Years Three and Four are singing songs and listening to orchestral music about the sky.  The children watched a video with Miss Micklethwaite and learnt how to play a melody using glasses and different levels of water.  Over the coming weeks, they will sing new songs about Stars, draw pictures in response to some beautiful music about the sky and listen to famous pieces written about the Planets.

Year Six pupils have a far eastern theme.  In Music sessions, both Years Five and Six are going to be learning about Pentatonic Music and the Pentatonic scale.  Pupils will compose a piece based around the movements of a Chinese Dragon; they are also going to learn to sing in Japanese!

Watch this space for regular updates!