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Biodiversity is about caring for all plants, animals and insects.

The current situation:

  • The work of the school’s Ground Staff already keeps the environment in mind:
    • They avoid blanket pesticide spraying and use organic soil-feeding composts/mulches rather than synthetic plant fertilisers
    • They are migrating to battery power kit and creating more permanent planting schemes
  • Year Three children look for seeds around the school grounds and at home when learning about seed dispersal
  • Year Five children look around the school grounds looking for different plant species
  • Year Three’s Nature Club made their own plant pots, planted seeds and went on a bug hunt
  • Year Five took part part in ‘Grow Your Own Potatoes’ as part of their Science work on life cycles
  • We have planted new trees along the A6 to help protect air quality
  • Animal Club is run in the Senior School
  • Increase planting around the school of wildlife-encouraging plants
  • Install habitats around school for a range of animals, to include birds, bats and hedgehogs
  • Meet with Grounds staff to discuss a wildlife area near the new Nursery building

Our plans:

  • Run a competition to build a bug house
  • Look at Woodland Trust’s ‘free trees initiative’
  • Run a Gardening Club in Summer term
  • Take part in ‘What’s under your feet’
  • Discussions with School Council about a school pet

What could be done at home:

  • Create habitats for wildlife in gardens
  • Use this recipe to create a fat cake for birds
  • Follow what we are doing at school
  • Keep areas in your gardens which are ‘wild’ – plant bee friendly plants, build bug houses/put up boxes.