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It is important that we reduce the amount of energy used as a lot of this still comes from fossil fuels. Swapping to renewable sources is key!

The current situation:

  • The School took part in ‘Switch Off Fortnight in November 2019
  • In 2023 we ran a competition to make a sign to encourage pupils and teachers to switch off the lights when they leave the room
  • Put up ‘switch off the light’ signs in every classroom
  • Auto-lights have been added to corridors around school to save energy
  • The heating is only used when needed and staff are encouraged to let the Bursary know if the heating is on unnecessarily.

Our plans:

  • Speak to the bursary about the energy company used by school
  • Monitor whether lights, projectors and other electronic equipment is being left on when not in use.

What could be done at home:

  • Encourage children to turn off the light whenever they leave a room
  • Talk about which energy companies you use and how much of their energy comes from renewable sources.