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Other Areas

As well as Biodiversity, Marine, Waste and Water, we are also working on the six other topics: Energy, Global Citizenship, Healthy Living, Litter, School Grounds and Transport.

We are continually looking at ways to use more green energy. We are trying to encourage pupils and staff to turn off lights whenever possible and, hopefully, this will also encourage the pupils at home.

Download the school’s most recent energy report (pdf)

The Eco Committee in the Junior School has put up banners asking parents to turn off their engines so as to reduce pollution in the site. The School has also written to the bus companies requesting that drivers turn off their engines.

We will be looking more into energy and transport as our next areas.

In the Junior School a clean air poster competition was held in June 2019 and the School also took part in ‘Switch Off Fortnight in November 2019. During this two week period we audited the School to check for lights, computers and interactive whiteboards being left on as well as encouraging staff to keep doors closed. Children also designed posters to keep doors closed.

Eighteen Eco-Committee members from both the Junior and Senior schools spent a day in London where they visited the Royal Academy of Arts and the London Aquarium before delivering a petition to 10 Downing Street.

See Downing Street’s reply to the petition (pdf)

Pupil Bella Platt won the Young Planner Award at the Royal Institute of Town Planning’s Awards for Planning Excellence. She won both the ‘Best Report/Concept’ and ‘Most Sustainable Project’ awards for the 11-15 category of the nationwide competition. The awards recognise best practice by highlighting exceptional examples of planning and celebrating the contribution that planners and planning make to society.

The Junior and Senior School Eco-Committees came up with the imaginative idea of raising funds for Chester Zoo by creating a book filled with pictures, poems and experiences of the attraction.

Junior School pupils were encouraged to make use of Outside Lives Ltd’s People and Plant toolkit.