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Water focuses on protecting an important natural resource.

The current situation:

  • Took part in Global Handwashing Day on 15th October 2019 to highlight the importance of clean water and ways to clean our hands. The initiative also highlighted the availability of clean water in other countries
  • Save water posters in the Science room, Art room and toilets in the Junior School
  • Self-stopping taps in the toilets
  • Year Four had a visit from Kingfisher Education Services who helped them learn more about how the water cycle works and how United Utilities collect, store, clean and provide us with fresh water

Our plans:

  • Speak to Grounds staff about the use of a water butt for watering
  • Ban single use water bottles

What could be done at home:

  • Encourage children to turn off the tap when brushing teeth
  • Talk about where the water comes from and who pays for it at home