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Overnight Trips

Second Year pupils smile during their Outward Bound trip

Large numbers of pupils and staff throughout the school are involved in visits, trips, language exchanges and outdoor activity programmes which are well established and widely enjoyed either in term time or during the holidays.

Details of Duke of Edinburgh expeditions can be found here.

Forthcoming trips

If you wish to use the school’s travel insurance cover, please download a summary here.

Download our travel insurance cover summary (pdf)

Confirmed (C) – the trip has been launched and we have accepted the pupils
Proposed (P) – we are hoping to run this trip but have not yet launched it or are in the process of doing so. All proposed trips are subject to confirmation of arrangements and viable numbers applying

Date Location Description Approx. Launch Date Year Groups Approximate Cost Staff in Charge C/P
13th to 17th December 2023 Krakow, Poland Religious Studies and History Trip January 2023 Fifth Year £725 Mr Swann C
4th to 7th February 2024 Disneyland Paris Maths Trip June 2023 Fourth and Fifth Year £490 Mr Shingler P
7th to 10th February 2024 Spain Religious Studies and Art Trip April 2023 Fourth Year to Sixth Form £850 approx. Mr Neale P
13th to 18th March 2024 Normandy, France Language and Culture Trip September 2023 Fourth Year, Fifth Year and Upper Sixth £750 Miss Gibson P
14th to 17th March 2024 Aachen and Cologne, Germany Language and Culture Trip November 2023 Second Year £550 Miss Gibson P
29th March to 3rd April 2024 Greece GCSE and A-level Classics Trip June 2023 Fourth Year and Lower Sixth £950 Ms Jones P
1st to 5th April 2024 Barcelona, Spain Hockey and Football Tour September 2022 Second and Third Year £995 Miss Withington C
23rd to 26th May 2024 Berlin, Germany History Tour June 2023 Fourth Year £500 approx. Mrs Ashton P
25th to 26th June 2024 London Theatre Trip October 2023 Third and Fifth Year £275 Miss Mitchell P
28th June to 3rd July 2024 Paris, France Music Tour May 2023 First Year to Lower Sixth £900 approx Mr Dow P
29th June to 19th July 2024 Cambodia and Vietnam Sixth Form Expedition September 2022 Sixth Form £4,120 Mr Ehegartner P
1st to 5th July 2024 Outward Bound, Aberdovey Outdoor Education Trip September 2022 Second Year £550 approx. Mr Hughes P
3rd to 7th July 2024 Azores Islands GCSE and A-level Geography Tour June 2023 Fourth Year to Sixth Form £955 Mr Cooke P
8th to 12th July 2024 Innerleithen, Scottish Borders Mountain Biking Trip October 2023 Third Year to Sixth Form £320 approx. Mr Hughes P
18th to 25th October 2024 Calpe, Spain Climbing Trip November 2023 Second Year to Sixth Form £990 Mr Hughes P