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Overnight Trips


Large numbers of pupils and staff throughout the school are involved in visits, trips, language exchanges and outdoor activity programmes which are well established and widely enjoyed either in term time or during the holidays.

Details of Duke of Edinburgh expeditions can be found here.

Forthcoming trips

If you wish to use the school’s travel insurance cover, please download a summary here.

Download our travel insurance cover summary (pdf)

Confirmed (C) – the trip has been launched and we have accepted the pupils
Proposed (P) – we are hoping to run this trip but have not yet launched it or are in the process of doing so. All proposed trips are subject to confirmation of arrangements and viable numbers applying

Date Location Description Approx. Launch Date Year Groups Approximate Cost Staff in Charge C/P
16th-18th or 18th-20th September 2019 Ilam Hall, Derbyshire First Year Residential June 2019 First Year (in two halves) £0 Mrs E Suttle P
17th to 20th October 2019 France and Belgium Battlefields Visit TBC Third Year £390 Mrs H Ashton C
18th to 24th October 2019 Romania U16 & U18 Rugby Tour May 2019 Fifth Year to Upper Sixth £750-800 Mr H Corbett C
19th to 25th October 2019 Costa Blanca, Spain Climbing Trip TBC Second Year to Upper Sixth £600-650 Mr A Hughes C
1st to 5th November 2019 Madrid, Spain Cultural and Educational Visit TBC Fourth Year to Upper Sixth £650 approx. Mrs K Psaila-Harris C
8th to 9th November 2019 Snowdon, Wales Mountain Biking Trip September 2019 Second Year to Upper Sixth £50 approx. Mr A Hughes P
8th to 11th December 2019 Krakow, Poland Religious Studies Trip February 2019 Fifth Year £650 Mr J Swann C
13th to 15th December 2019 Aachen, Germany German Languages Trip

Click here for the launch letter

September 2019 Second Year £275 Miss S Gibson C
13th to 20th February 2020 Bad Segeberg, Germany German Exchange Trip March 2019 Fifth Year £350 Mrs L Morgan P
Half Term February 2020 America/Canada or Europe Skiing Trip Autumn 2019 First to Fourth Year £1,200 Mr A Ehegartner P
Half Term February 2020 United Arab Emirates Cricket Tour December 2018 Second Year to Upper Sixth £1,650 Mr H Corbett C
21st to 24th March Lake Garda, Italy Football Tour May 2019 Second and Third Year £650 Miss L Curl P
22nd to 27th March 2020 Rosslyn Park, London Rugby National Schools Sevens March 2020 Second Year, Third Year, Fifth Year and Sixth Form £80 Mr H Corbett P
24th to 25th March 2020 London Psychology Conference September 2019 Upper Sixth TBC Miss H Barton P
27th to 28th March 2020 University of Cambridge PiWars Competition October 2019 Second to Fourth Year £100 Rev L Leaver P
4th to 11th April 2020 Lanzarote, Spain Scuba Diving Trip April 2019 All Year Groups £1,300 Mr A Thorley P
26th to 29th June 2020 Boulogne-sur-Mer, France French Cultural Trip

Click here for the launch letter

September 2019 First Year £430 Miss S Gibson C
3rd to 6th July 2020 Conway Centre, Anglesey Outdoor Education Trip September 2019 Second Year £325 approx. Mr A Hughes C
8th to 10th July 2020 Geneva, Switzerland Physics Trip to CERN October 2019 Lower Sixth £300 approx. Mrs H Fenton P
8th to 12th July 2020 Sicily, Italy Geography Trip March 2019 Fourth Year to Upper Sixth £860 approx. Mr A Cooke C